Sunday, August 27, 2023

ደራሲ፣ ተመራማሪ ናይ ሕክምና፣ ዶክተር ክብራኣብ ፍረ ዓሪፉ።

ዶክተር ክብርኣብ፥ ዓቢ ዝና ዘጥረየት ባቢሎን ዘርእስታ ፊልም ዝርከቦ፣ ባቢሎን ዳግማይ ፈተነን ዝኣመሰላ ብቑጽሪ ብርክት ዝበላ መጻሕፍቲ ዝደረሰ ውፉይ ዜጋ'ዩ ኔሩ። ስነ ስርዓት ቀብሪ ዶክተር ክብራኣብ ጽባሕ 28 ነሓሰ 2023 ክፍጸም ኢዩ።

ኣብ ቀጻሊ ሓጺር ታሪኽ ህይወት እዚ ዶክተር ከቕርበልኩም`የ።
Dr. Kibreab Fre was a private practitioner. He also served as a hospital medical director and head of health service in Asmara, Eritrea.
He is the author of several books like the Babylon and Dagmay fetene. 

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