Sunday, April 28, 2024

My memories of Palm Sunday in Asmara

Palm Sunday in Eritrea holds a profound significance, etched into the hearts of those who have experienced its vibrant celebrations. As a child, this day was particularly memorable. My mother would rise before the break of dawn and make her way to the church, her mission to gather palm leaves. 

These leaves, representing the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, were an essential element of the day's festivities. Upon her return, the air would be filled with the sweet scent of incense as my mother meticulously wove the palm leaves into intricate crosses. These crosses, adorned with colorful ribbons and beads, became cherished keepsakes, symbols of our faith and the joy of the occasion. 

The day was filled with a sense of community and unity as families and friends gathered at the church to participate in the Palm Sunday procession. The vibrant sounds of traditional Eritrean music filled the air, creating an atmosphere of joyous celebration. The palm leaves, held high, became a symbol of our hope and faith, reminding us of the sacrifice and triumph that lay ahead during Holy Week.

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